Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve all been bombarded with a preponderance of information and misinformation. For physicians, the most trusted source of healthcare guidance for their patients, it’s been particularly challenging to offer definitive answers to the many questions regarding COVID-19.

As part of Specialdocs’ commitment to supporting our physician clients, their practices and their patients, Specialdocs hosts – exclusively for our physician clients – a continuing series of educational Clinical Conferences with insights from recognized experts on viral testing, mRNA vaccines, antiviral treatments, epidemiological factors, mental health and other relevant topics.

These peer-to-peer virtual sessions have quickly become a much-valued program for our network of dedicated physicians, featuring highly informative presentations followed by an informal, collegial Q&A session.

In January, Specialdocs was honored to extend this exceptional learning experience with personalized invitations to every one of our physicians’ patients and their families and friends.

Our complimentary COVID-19 Update webinar featuring Paul Sax, MD, a nationally respected COVID-19 expert and Clinical Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, proved to be an enormously popular draw. Thousands across the country joined us for the live broadcast or viewed it afterwards on demand.

“We are deeply gratified at the response to Dr. Sax’s educational, enlightening and even hopeful look at the current and future state of the pandemic,” said Terry Bauer, CEO, Specialdocs. “The opportunity to address our physicians’ thoughtful questions and their patient’s most urgent concerns surrounding COVID-19 is a true privilege.”

Here’s some of what our clients and their patients had to say about the event:

“You made a great choice – Dr. Sax was excellent. He was scientific, data-based and apolitical,” – Specialdocs Physician Client, Reston, VA

“A huge success. Please let Dr. Sax know how many appreciated his presentation from coast to coast!” – Specialdocs Physician Client, Los Angeles, CA

“We are overwhelmed from all different angles about COVID-19 and to hear from one expert who addressed it without drama and gave a clear perspective of where we are, what is working, where we’re going, is exactly what good learning is all about. Dr. Sax is a true professor who found the right balance to engage and educate doctors and patients.” Specialdocs Physician Client, Greenwich, CT

“Thank you for including me in the webinar yesterday. I watched the whole thing and it was very informative!” – Patient of Specialdocs Physician Client, Thousand Oaks, CA

As part of our Specialdocs network, physicians receive access to our always-expanding service offerings, before, during and after the transition to concierge medicine.